GASIFER PYROLIZER to produce Tar-Free Geo-conductor Biochar

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The ALL Power Labs Chartainer is a compact, high-volume, Combined Heat and Biochar (CHAB) pyrolizer system enclosed within a standard 20-foot shipping container. The system is fully automated and complete–from biomass hopper, gasifier-retort, and clean-burning flare with heat exchangers to biochar takeoff–all integrated within the shipping container envelope. The Chartainer uses a scaled-up version of APL’s newest Swirl Hearth architecture previously refined and proven in our PT150 Powertainer.

The Chartainer is being developed to meet the ever-increasing demands for high-quality, high-temperature, electrically active biochar in the agronomy and climate/carbon mitigation sectors. Partnering with our carbon-drawdown initiative, The Local Carbon Network, APL’s engineers have been working with biologists, agronomists, farmers, and climate researchers to perfect biochar-retort technology and biochar application techniques. One result of this work is the design of the Chartainer, capable of a one-tonne-of-biomass-per-hour throughput delivering up to 150 kilograms per hour of the highest quality, tar-free, geo-conducting biochar available.

We are currently developing a pilot unit with CEC funding with the intent of commercial Production units being available as early as Q3 2021. We offer these data with reasonable confidence given our long-running data acquisition in the development of our gasifier-genset systems and distribution of their biochar byproduct.