Containerized Unit to Transform Biomass Waste to Heat and Biochar

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The ALL Power Labs Chartainer is a compact, high-volume, Combined Heat and Biochar (CHAB) pyrolizer system enclosed within a standard 20-foot shipping container. The system is fully automated and complete – from biomass hopper, gasifier-retort, and clean-burning flare with heat exchangers to biochar takeoff – all integrated within the shipping container envelope. The Chartainer uses a scaled-up version of APL’s newest Swirl Hearth architecture previously refined and proven in our PT150 Powertainer.  The swirl hearth architecture includes technology innovation that widens the range of acceptable feedstock and ensures the quality of biochar produced.

The Chartainer is being developed to meet the ever-increasing demands for high-quality, high-temperature, electrically active biochar in the agronomy and climate/carbon mitigation sectors. Partnering with our carbon-drawdown initiative, The Local Carbon Network, APL’s engineers have been working with biologists, agronomists, farmers, and climate researchers to perfect biochar-retort technology and biochar application techniques. One result of this work is the design of the Pilot Chartainer, capable of a 250 kgs-of-biomass-per-hour throughput delivering up to 50 kilograms per hour of the highest quality, tar-free, geo-conducting biochar available. 

We are currently developing a pilot unit with CEC funding with the intent of commercial Production units being available as early as Q3 2021. We offer these data with reasonable confidence given our long-running data acquisition in the development of our gasifier-genset systems and distribution of their biochar byproduct.

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