Combined Heat & Power (CHP)

We have developed and will be offering a CHP option for our Power Pallets in the near future. The current version recovers both engine coolant and exhaust heat to exceed 70% total efficiency.

Rendering of CHP option on a PC20 Power Cube

Rendering of CHP option on a PC20 Power Cube

One of the rationales behind our development of this version has been the way feed-in tariffs are calculated in places like the EU, where total system efficiency can determine the rate at which producers are reimbursed for the power they produce. Of course delivering an additional 30 kW of heat energy without affecting the electrical output at all is the main reason we have invested so much in developing this system. In colder climates where space heating is responsible for a large portion of many locations’ energy footprint, a CHP system is especially attractive. Many industrial applications have a need for a lot of thermal energy to dry agricultural products like nuts or lumber, for instance. Watch this space as we continue to roll out more CHP-equipped Power Pallets.

Biodico power facility
Biodico, Redrock Ranch, Five Points, California – Mar. 2015
Located at Redrock Ranch in the heart of the almond capital of the world: California’s San Joaquin Valley, Biodico is working in partnership with the ranch, APL and the California Energy Commission to study a wide range of alternative energy solutions. With easy access to diverse and plentiful agricultural waste, Biodico has installed a newly upgraded PP20 Power Pallet v5.0 at this project site. This PP20 also has the earliest prototype version of our combined heat and power (CHP) option. This project was the result of their effort to convert into energy byproducts such as inedible seed meal from their biodiesel production. ALL Power Labs actively supports Biodico’s efforts at Redrock Ranch toward sustainable agriculture and energy innovation.