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GEK News - APL's 5th Anniversary, Upcoming Workshop, New Features and Fixes

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The Power of 5: 500 gasifiers, by our 5th anniversary

This summer marks our 5 year anniversary of exploring the wonders of gasification. After 5 years of designing and doing, we’re approaching our 500th gasifier sale, and plan something special for the person who lands the 500th machine. Mr or Ms Lucky 500th purchase will get a $5,000 rebate in cash or product credit. Hey, you could actually come out cash positive on this proposition if you’re just getting a kit . . .

The few rules are as follows:

The purchase has to be a gasifier kit or power pallet. It can’t just be parts. The purchase needs to happen between now and the end of June. By June 30th we’re sure we’ll hit the 500th system purchase, so we shouldn’t tempt you beyond there. It will likely happen much before then. The definition of “purchase” is a sale initiated with payment. From tomorrow forward we will count each new incoming order with payment as one sale towards the 500th and the $5,000 […]

Grid-tie for the 20kW Power Pallet

We’ve long wanted to provide a reasonably priced grid-tie solution for the Power Pallet. However sync equipment for small scale systems is scarce, and usually at price points near equal the Power Pallet itself. Today we’re announcing the availability of a fully complete, non-hacked, and equipment certified grid-tie solution for the 20kw Power Pallet for $4,995. This is a solution that will work for nearly all global grid standards, as well as enable off-grid parallel feeding with large gensets already at your facility. We think this tie solution is a game changer for the broad usability of the Power Pallet. For years many of you have told us the Power Pallet won’t be relevant for your location until it will connect either to the main grid, or an already existing local diesel grid at your site. Now we can do both. Hopefully this news is as pleasurable for you, as it is for us. The road to here has explored many grid-tie options, and found most all of them less than ideal. Here’s the handicapping of the main scenarios: An inverter based grid tie, using solar or wind equipment, is in principle easy, but for a 20kw system the […]

APL Monthly Open House - Friday, April 12th: 5-7pm

[singlepic id=2682 w=320 h=240 float=left]Our next Open House at ALL Power Labs is this Friday, April 12th, from 5-7pm. There will be food and drink, as well as other gasifier geeks gathered and talking shop for your entertainment.

The Open House events offer all interested a regular time to visit APL, see a Power Pallet run, and generally tour the details of our operation. Each Open House has a short talk introducing gasification and the Power Pallet biomass power generation system. This will not be as in depth as our full workshop weekends, but it will get you through the fundamentals, and help you assess the relevance of our machines for your application.

People considering a purchase, or a larger deployment of our units, often use these events as an opportunity to visit and discuss specifics. If you would like to go through a particularly large project proposition, please try to tell us ahead of time so we are sure to schedule adequate time for specifically you.

If you plan to join us in any manner this Friday, please RSVP ahead of time to ““. If you are coming from out of town we can help you logistics. […]

Job Opps: 1. Senior Mechanical Engineer. 2. Assembly Tech

Hiring is continuing at ALL Power Labs. We again try to prioritize hiring from within the GEK community, so do encourage you to apply for these positions. Even if the current ones aren’t a direct fit with you and your talents -but other situations would be- tell us of your interest and we’ll keep you on the list for future opportunities. We’ll be announcing more positions soon. For the current round we’re announcing a rare opening in our core engineering group. We have so many new projects and products on the horizon that we need to expand our high level design and management capacity. We are looking for seasoned multi-disciplined engineers across the mechanical and thermal disciplines, and/or gasification specific engineering heroes. This is an invitation to replace and/or augment the minds of Jim and Bear, as the default engineers of APL solutions. This is an invitation to be a core author and leader of what we do here. Growth requires that such core authorship is moved beyond one or two minds, and progressively positioned in multiple sites of high level expertise. Gasification luminaries encouraged to apply. We will help with relocations from Europe, Asia or Africa for compelling […]

Survey of your thoughts? Italy hosts first AR demo to an overflow crowd


Survey of your thoughts?

Given the new year, we thought it a good time to get some general feedback about how we’re doing and how we might do better. In particular, we’re interested in your assessment of our products and your pro/con deliberations about whether you’d like to get one, whether through buying or building on your own. We are currently selling and shipping between 6 and 10 Power Pallets a month. About 10 GEK gasifier kits a month too. Lots of you build them DIY too, but the numbers are more difficult to count. While this is more gasifier-engine system building than anyone else on the planet by a factor of around 10x, it is still tiny compared to the real need, and the amount of interest writing us daily. Here’s some numbers on the scale of interest we see each month. We have around 50,000 unique visitors to our website a month. Of these around 300 write in directly asking for info about building or buying something. Of these about 50 progress to a formal quote or invoice. And of these the numbers above decide in the end to get a unit. We’re interested in learning more about […]

Job Announcement: Customer Service and Sales Support Manager


Job title: Customer Service and Sales Support ManagerDepartment: SalesReports to: Director of SalesStatus: SalariedDownload Announcement

ALL Power Labs is looking for a customer service expert to create and manage the next stage of all our customer facing activities. This is a newly created position which previously has been patched onto the sides of other positions. The time has arrived to create a formal customer service department. We are looking for the person with the skills and ambition to lead this endeavor, from the near term direct tending of customer needs, to longer term managing a growing team and department.

SummaryThe Customer Service & Sales Support Manager to be responsible for managing the processes and systems related to servicing our customers and supporting the sales staff.

Duties and Tasks

Provide superior customer support by identifying issues, devising solutions, and accepting ownership to a successful closure. Lead, manage and direct the all customer service activities. Create and maintain daily, weekly and monthly reporting requirements for Sales department and the company. Responsible for order entry, answering Customer Service phones, message management, data entry in CRM and performing all Customer Service activities as needed. Oversee, qualify, and manage inbound leads. Sales inquiries […]

APL in the Field: Indonesia Report

Yoav and I just returned from a trip to Indonesia to help with the set up and operational instruction for 2 Power Pallets there.

They are being integrated into a pilot stage “Village Hub” project. This pilot is located next to a palm sugar factory run by the Masarang Foundation ( The factory uses waste geothermal heat from a 35 MW geothermal plant to dry and prepare palm sugar. This sugar is prepared from the sap of the Arenga Palm (, a species studied by Willie Smits who studied forestry in the Netherlands (and gave a great TED talk ( The sap is collected by bruising the fruiting branches, which release the sap, up to 100 liters per tree per day. It can be processed into sugar and ethanol. The Arenga palm can grow on poor soils, allowing deforested areas to be reforested, acting as a nurse tree to re-introduce more diverse species (see Willie’s TED talk above).

The Village Hub concept is to create smaller scale plants that can operate with zero external inputs and zero waste. These would collect sap from a collection of local farmers allowing economic opportunities to stay and protect reforested areas. The Hub would […]

FREE! Gasifier Workshop Weekend: Oct 23-25

Gasification PowerExchange Workshop #6: GEK Building and 10kw Genset Configuration

Gasification Lecture and Demo: Friday, October 23, 7:30-9:30PM Building and Testing: Saturday and Sundday, October 24-25, 11am – 7pm Location: ALL Power Labs, 1010 Murray Street. Berkeley, CA Contact: jim ^at^ Cost: FREEMore Info:

ALL Power Labs is starting a quarterly series of free gasifier workshop weekends to help bring more people to successful operation of small scale gasifiers. These workshops are open to GEK user/owners, as well as anyone with any other type of gasifier- or just a budding interest in the whole thing. If you have a GEK and want personal instruction in how to run it, or you want to build a GEK with oversight from the mothership, this workshop will be a great opportunity to do either.

The workshop begins with an evening talk and discussion on the science of gasification and a survey of its design and production history. Both beginning and expert reactor assemblies will be presented, with pointers to further reading and current issues and opportunities in the field. Everyone will get a packet with lots of explanatory graphics and core data charts relating to gasification. As you know, we’ve […]

APL called “leader in putting syngas to work,” plus: GEK conquers the Rockies!

Hello everyone, here’s the latest news from All Power Labs on our work with gasification and biochar. We got some great news coverage, better assembly and first fire instructions, more user reports, and as always more research and testing data. It’s all part of our ongoing mission to put the information and tools in your hands, so you can make it yourself, or make it run even better.

Hope you enjoy, and as always feel free to get in touch with any questions, feedback, or user reports, and of course it’s always good to check in on what’s happening in our forums:

-All Power Labs.

1- Farm Show magazine reports on the GEK, calls us “a leader in turning wood and other biomass into fuel” and “a leader in putting syngas to work.”

If you’re not familiar with Farm Show magazine, you should be. A sort of how-to bible among people in the agricultural community, it’s an advertising-free monthly covering the latest inventions and innovations that are of interest to farmers, which is why hearing they wanted to write about us was so exciting.

To see a full size image of the story you can read, click […]

How Gasification Works: The Basics Explained

I’m trying to figure out how to better explain the basics of gasification. This is hard, as many of you know. So I’m trying to relate it to things that are generally known about combustion, then complicating matters from there. I’m trying to figure out the layers to take the newbie through- from most simple, to, well, does it ever end . . . ?

Here’s where I’m at currently:

How does this work for people? Anyone have suggestions for making it better?

As most of the mysteries of the universe are somewhere contained in the wider problem/opportunity of gasification, I can’t start at its many ends. But where’s the beginning before the freefall into the bottomless rabbit hole looking glass of biomass thermal conversion?

We’re discussing this explanation of gasification over in the forum here: . Give us your input.

Happy partial combusting to you on this Labor Day weekend.