LA Times: APL biomass gasification “one of the most promising technologies”

Flexible clean energy that helps solve climate change?

That’s what the LA Times calls biomass gasification from All Power Labs–
“one of the most promising technologies” to help solve the forest health crisis in California.

Last week the Los Angeles Times, California’s largest newspaper, published an editorial exploring solutions for one of the toughest problems facing the Golden State: how to preserve our leadership on climate change while dealing with a crippling multi-year drought that has left more than 100 million trees dead. The solution is to convert all that dead biomass into on-demand energy, and along the way do something impactful to address climate change. Click The Image Below For Link To Article

The piece sums up the climate potential well: “Aside from their main output, electricity (which can be fed into the grid), the units generate a key byproduct, biochar, a charcoal-like substance that is almost pure carbon. When applied to soil, biochar stimulates plant growth and reduces water consumption, which makes it a valuable commodity in water-stressed California fields. In essence, biochar is carbon that would otherwise have been released into the atmosphere, which makes All Power’s gasification process not just carbon neutral but carbon negative.”

The solution that unlocks this potential at scale is the Powertainer, a mobile 150KW power plant that turn waste forest biomass into energy, heat, and biochar. Sponsored by a grant from the California Enegy Commission, APL has been developing a commercial version of the Powertainer modeled on a design we first made in 2012 for the US Department of Energy. Shown below is the new version at a green waste yard testing facility just minutes from APL’s headquarters in Berkeley. As you can see, the unit is easily moved to and from project sites. No expensive civil works are required–just put it on the ground, plug it in, and add fuel.

  IMG_9139 2   IMG_9117 2

IMG_2459 2    IMG_9481 2

To really understand the scope of the challenge we’re facing, check out this video produced by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection: (click the image to play video).

Over the last two years we have been developing the Powertainer we have received significant interest from potential customers. Now that we are planning to begin deploying units in the field,  we would like to gauge the current level of interest in the product. If you are considering or are interested in getting a Powertainer, please fill out this very quick form–it should take less than one minute.

As always, thank you for your interest in our work. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss buying some of our equipment, email

-ALL Power Labs

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