Live Webcam on Power Pallet 50hr endurance run

We’re now in the midst of our Father’s Day Gasification workshop at ALL Power Labs in Berkeley, CA.   We have about 75 people here from near and far to wander down the rabbit hole of biomass thermal conversion.

For those of you not able to join us, we have a webcam on the 10 kW Power Pallet endurance run.  You can watch the progress here:

We plan 50 hours over the next several days with datalogging of the wood chip fuel in to power out particulars.  We started yesterday afternoon and ran straight through the night.  So far 24+ hours constant run without issues.  We pulled the filter apart at 24hours and were happy to find it nice and clean.  No bell reduction bell packing either, which has lately been our biggest challenge on long runs.   Some minor tweaks to grate design seems to have cleared up the problem.

We have the full datalogging regime up and running so we should soon have a good set of info on fuel in to power out particulars, as well as system temps, pressures, and gas composition numbers.  The fuel we are using is chipped cedar from the local landscaping supply company.  We’ve sifted out the overs and unders, but otherwise it is standard disk chipper wood chip.  We’re running on average about 3-4kw of electricity generated.

There are lots of good pictures of the workshop proceedings here in Facebook:

We’ll continue this eve, and likely some more tomorrow if anyone wants to stop by.  The original info on the workshop is at:


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