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Summer Solstice Char-B-Que Open House at Gill Tract

On Friday, June 21, All Power Labs and the Local Carbon Network hosted an open house at UC Gill Tract Community Farm, our regenerative farming partner in Albany, CA. More than 60 attendees were given tours of the two-acre organic farm and medicinal herb garden, and were shown the remarkable changes to soil and plant health that Gill Tract has observed since it started co-composting with SkyCarbon Biochar more than a year ago.

To further celebrate the Northern Hemisphere’s longest day, we unveiled the ‘Char-B-Que’, a wood-fired Kon-Tiki kiln and grill that produced biochar while also cooking proteins and freshly-harvested vegetables for the open house participants.

The All Power Labs’ team manning the ‘Char-B-Que’ grill

The All Power Labs’ team manning the ‘Char-B-Que’ grill

Team members from the Local Carbon Network, All Power Labs, and Gill Tract also conducted a Q and A session on integrating biochar into organic composting processes, including a walk-through of Gill Tract’s SkyCarbon Biochar compost system, and a demonstration of co-composting biochar with a household-scale insulated compost tumbler.

UC Gill Tract Community Farm is a collaborative community project between the University of California Berkeley and the local community, focused on issues of food justice and urban farming. Gill Tract is the flagship partner in the Berkeley Local Carbon Network and an active practitioner of regenerative agriculture. Since the farm began co-composting with SkyCarbon Biochar in April 2018, it has applied more than 300 kg of char to its soil, for a total of more than 9000 kg CO2e sequestered to date!

If you are an individual, organization or business interested in using our SkyCarbon Biochar to benefit plants, soil and climate, reach out! We can help assess your needs, find farm, garden and technology partners, and even help you start your own Local Carbon Network.

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