Off Grid Power in Liberia 

Jim MasonCo-Founder, CEO, Board Member

: Berkeley: 510-845-1500 x 711:

Jim Mason is a General Specialist working at the intersection of engineering, anthropology and information science. He is a graduate of Stanford University, with degrees in Anthropology and Philosophy, after a long tour of Mechanical Engineering. (Yes, he has difficulty sticking to one discipline) 

From 1999-2006 he was the Founder and Director of the Rosetta Project: ALL Language Archive at the Long Now Foundation– a project to create an online archive of all documented human languages, currently the largest linguistic resource on the web. He also directed the New Guinea Sculpture Garden at Stanford– an effort which brought 11 artists from Papua New Guinea to campus to build a permanent outdoor sculpture garden.

Jim is also the Founder and Director of The Shipyard collaborative art/build space for large scale mechanical, kinetic and electronic art. As the Founder of ALL Power Labs, Jim is focused on creating tools for distributed power generation and open source comparative research in biomass thermal conversion.

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  • Mike Kennan

    I’ve met you a few times… I was in the power tool races, SRL, etc.
    I tagged along on Greg Leyh’s google tour and was very impressed with everything.
    I am on a work trip to El Salvador and brought your flyer along. My contact here is more than excited about APL. He is meeting a customer tomorrow to sell them….
    I was hoping you could send him an email and open a line of communication.
    Luis Arevalo

    Note: this is not a joke. This is the largest boiler company in El Salvador