The project was implemented under a GEF-funded project aimed at promoting biomass and small hydro for productive uses in Cameroon, implemented by UNIDO in collaboration with the Cameroonian Ministry of Energy and Water Resources (MINEE) and the Rural Electrification Agency (AER).

Development of the biomass component of the project started in 2021. Two projects were developed in two villages: a biogas project in Foyemtcha (West region), and the gasification project in Essekou (Littoral region). Both projects are integrated with local palm oil production chains, adding value by introducing new production processes; using residues from the value chain for producing energy for use in the value chain.

The project in Essekou revolves around the processing of palm nuts that are left over after palm oil extraction in the village. At the project site the palm nuts are shelled, and the kernels are pressed for producing palm kernel oil and press cake. The gasifier uses the kernel shell for producing electricity which is used for running the nut sheller and the two kernel oil presses. The electricity is also used for pumping water for the village, and will be used for powering a minigrid (under construction).

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