PP30 at the Verge 2022 conference

All Power Labs provided a Power Pallet PP30 to be included in the microgrid that powered to the exhibition floor for the 2022 Verge Climate Tech event. GreenBiz has used 100% renewable energy to help power their Verge events since 2013, when they first began using a microgrid to supply the power for the main stages and exhibit booths at their conference. APL provided a v.4 PP20 to supply the power for that first Verge microgrid, and again for 2022, our staff teamed up with a number of the other great renewable energy companies to build the temporary microgrid that powers the event. We ran our most advanced PP30 to provide the base load along with portable PV arrays, battery storage, and a state of the art microgrid control system.

Verge conference microgrid

The microgrid has become an essential component of the Verge event, acting as a concrete visual demonstration of the climate tech solutions the event features and helps brings to the forefront. The microgrid we help build for Verge is the world’s largest temporary microgrid which demonstrates the power, resilience, and efficiency of distributed energy solutions. Each microgrid is built on-site using a combination of off-the-shelf components from startups and leading solution providers. APL continues to be a leader in the development of distributed energy resources and we are happy to help this great event reduce its consumption of non renewable utility grid power.

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