Job Postings: Five seats now open: Global Sales specialist (2), Engineering (2), plus facilities

Job Postings: Five seats now open: Global Sales (2), Engineering (2), Facilities (1) We’re hiring—again—and hiring a lot to boot. We have five full time positions listed in this note: everything from global sales specialists, to mechanical and electrical engineering, to facility support staff. APL is currently 32 full time people and soon we hope to be 37, maybe including you. We always prefer to hire from within the GEK community when possible, so even if the postings aren’t a good fit for you, do send them along to folks you think would be.

Please give these a close read, as there’s much here of interest. For those who enjoy the intersection of international business development and building personal relationships, take a look at the Global Sales Specialist postings. The global interest in what we make can’t be overstated, and deciding how to eat this elephant of an opportunity will be a richly rewarding experience for the right candidate. For those more interested in the physical realm, in the current round we’re announcing two full time positions in our core engineering group. We have too many new projects and products on the horizon, and we need to expand our […]

Job Opps: 1. Senior Mechanical Engineer. 2. Assembly Tech

Hiring is continuing at ALL Power Labs. We again try to prioritize hiring from within the GEK community, so do encourage you to apply for these positions. Even if the current ones aren’t a direct fit with you and your talents -but other situations would be- tell us of your interest and we’ll keep you on the list for future opportunities. We’ll be announcing more positions soon. For the current round we’re announcing a rare opening in our core engineering group. We have so many new projects and products on the horizon that we need to expand our high level design and management capacity. We are looking for seasoned multi-disciplined engineers across the mechanical and thermal disciplines, and/or gasification specific engineering heroes. This is an invitation to replace and/or augment the minds of Jim and Bear, as the default engineers of APL solutions. This is an invitation to be a core author and leader of what we do here. Growth requires that such core authorship is moved beyond one or two minds, and progressively positioned in multiple sites of high level expertise. Gasification luminaries encouraged to apply. We will help with relocations from Europe, Asia or Africa for compelling […]

Job Opps in 2013, Open House this Friday, Winter in Minnesota


Job Opportunities at ALL Power Labs

ALL Power Labs is preparing for a year of significant growth in 2013. As of the beginning of 2013, we have over 400 systems out in the world, in over 50 total countries. Here’s an updated map of where most of them are. By the end of 2013, we plan to add at least 200 new dots to the map . . . Image Link: Two hundred new dots will continue our pattern of doubling in size and shipped product each year. To double again in 2013 we’ll need to hire on all fronts, so expect a regular series of job announcements. We try to hire from within the community whenever possible, so do consider applying for these openings (or tell us about other positions you think you should have at APL). We’ve recently taken on a veteran COO, Alejandro Abelos, who previously led manufacturing expansions at PowerLight, SunPower, and Green Volts here in California. He and the rest of the manufacturing group are now laying the groundwork to get us from current capacity of 10 Power Pallets a month, to around 25/month by the end of 2013– and continued doublings yearly […]

Job Announcement: Customer Service and Sales Support Manager


Job title: Customer Service and Sales Support ManagerDepartment: SalesReports to: Director of SalesStatus: SalariedDownload Announcement

ALL Power Labs is looking for a customer service expert to create and manage the next stage of all our customer facing activities. This is a newly created position which previously has been patched onto the sides of other positions. The time has arrived to create a formal customer service department. We are looking for the person with the skills and ambition to lead this endeavor, from the near term direct tending of customer needs, to longer term managing a growing team and department.

SummaryThe Customer Service & Sales Support Manager to be responsible for managing the processes and systems related to servicing our customers and supporting the sales staff.

Duties and Tasks

Provide superior customer support by identifying issues, devising solutions, and accepting ownership to a successful closure. Lead, manage and direct the all customer service activities. Create and maintain daily, weekly and monthly reporting requirements for Sales department and the company. Responsible for order entry, answering Customer Service phones, message management, data entry in CRM and performing all Customer Service activities as needed. Oversee, qualify, and manage inbound leads. Sales inquiries […]

Job Announcement – Accounting Manager

Job title: Accounting Manager Department: Finance Reports to: CFOStatus: Salaried

Download Announcement: APL-Job-Announcement-Accounting-Manager

Summary The Accounting Manager has leadership responsibilities for accounting functions of the organization and reports directly to the Finance Officer. The position provides oversight for all essential accounting functions including, but not limited to, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll and General Ledger activity Position will also support Human Resource activities such as employee benefits management.

Duties and Tasks

Manages the Accounting, Payroll, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable functions Manages and executes daily operations of the Accounting Department. Preparation and posting of monthly journal entries. Compiles and analyzes financial information to prepare entries to accounts, such as general ledger accounts and documenting business transactions. Analyzes financial information detailing assets, liabilities, and capital, and prepares balance sheet, profit and loss statement, and other reports to summarize current and projected company financial position. Create and develop financial reporting tools and metrics for use by Executive Leadership team. Actively involved in the organization’s annual audits and tax return preparation. Establishes, modifies, documents, and coordinates implementation of accounting internal control procedures. Guides accounting decisions by establishing, monitoring and implementing policies and procedures. Very strong interpersonal communication skills, both written and verbal, […]