Technical Innovations

Key innovations of our equipment

Our machines can be considered as “Advanced agnostic converters that tame biomass thermal conversion for everyday use”. This core technology is enriched by “Phone home” Smart Tech that connects the machines to carbon markets for realistic distributed carbon credit generation.

Our key features are:

  • Combined outputs of Biochar, Electricity, Heat and extensions
  • Fuel flexible reactors
  • Compact form factor
  • Highly automated and connected
  • Emissions compliant
  • 2-3x less expensive than products with similar specs


  • CharPallet: 25 kg/hr input
  • CharTainer: 250 kg/hr input
  • 20% Biochar yield
  • 1 kWh electricity per kg biomass
  • 2 kWh thermal per kg biomass
transparent rendering of swirl hearth cracker reactor


Our equipment architecture is a multi-stage, separated and individually manageable process with the addition of internal “tar cracking” technology, for clean, low PAH, geo-conducting, quasi-activated Biochar; boasting the lowest tar levels ever recorded for Syngas.
cutaway rendering of swirl hearth reactor

Key Innovations:

  • Multi-stage process separated architecture enables control of each process stage.
  • Swirl hearth cracker reactor delivers fuel flexibility by removing need for fuel void space to crack tars.
  • No clinkering and tolerance of high mineral content feedstock due to removal of air blast from char bed.
  • Forced convection pyrolysis enables high heat transfer for high throughput and compact machine form factor.
  • High temp biochar removal from reactor to isolated cooling chamber prevents pollutant recondensation on char.

What you can expect from our biochar:

  • Exceptionally clean biochar that meets USBI, IBI and EU standards. With our sub 6mg/kg PAH levels it meets the largely “unmeetable” EU threshold.
  • Ability to tune for char types at will, including the activation level or added graphene evoluton.
  • Syngas with 5-50mg/m3 tar at reactor exit, this allows for simplified final gas clean up for engine running or upmigration.
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