Off Grid Power in Liberia 

Documentation and Manuals for Subcomponents

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PP30 Ashok Engine

Marathon manual

Marathon Generator

PSI manual

PSI/GM Engine


Generator PP20


Woodward Governor

PP30 Genset

Engine Manuals:
25 kW Power Pallet: Ashok-Leyland HAE4NG106 CNG BSIV Engine
20 kW Power Pallet (no longer in production): GM Vortec 3.0 liter Manual from PSI.
10 kW Power Pallet (no longer in production): Kubota DG-972 Factory Manual.

Generator Manuals:
25 Kw Power Pallet uses the Marathon MagnPLUS 1542

All Mecc Alte generator manuals can be found on their website.
20 kW Power Pallet uses the Meccalte NPE32 (4 pole).
10 kW Power Pallet used either the Meccalte ECP3_2 (2 pole) or ECO3N_4 (4 pole).

Woodward Governor:
All Power Pallets use the L-Series: Manual.

Deep Sea Genset Controllers
25 kW Power Pallet uses the DSE8610 MKII Synchronising & Load Sharing Control Module Operator Manual.