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We receive many inquiries about our unique products and technology, and you may get the answer you are looking for faster by checking out our Frequent Inquires page for more specifics about Power Pallet operation and answers to common questions about our products.

Note: Incompatible feedstocks

We often receive inquiries about feedstocks other than wood chips and nut shells. Unfortunately, only wood chips and a few kinds of nut shells are compatible (walnut, pecan, hazelnut, coconut shell, macadamia)

The following nut products are not compatible:

  • almond husks and shells (too much silica)
  • peanut shells (too much ash)
  • pistachio shells (pieces are too small)
  • cashew husks and cashew apples (not chemically compatible)

The following feedstocks are not compatible with our machines:

  • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
  • Household Solid Waste (plastics, kitchen waste, etc.)
  • Wood pellets and briquettes (pellets and briquettes disintegrate and choke the reactor)
  • Saw dust, including pellets made from sawdust
  • Rice husk, rice straw,
  • Wheat husk, wheat straw
  • Corn Stover and straw of any kind
  • Chicken litter, and manure of any kind
  • Sugar cane bagasse (not even the pellets)
  • Shredded Tires, plastics of any kind
  • Olive Pomace, Olive Pits
  • Hemp canes and byproducts (not even the pellets)
  • Date Pits, Palm fronds or empty fruit palm fruit bunches
  • Coconut husk (coconut shells work well, just not the husk)
  • Mushroom growing media
  • Coal or charcoal

For any additional inquiries please contact our Director of Sales,