Power Pallet & GEK Users

Our machines are put to work around the world in a wide variety of scenarios.   From developing world electrification to university research and “Do It Yourself” (DIY) hacking, the GEK and Power Pallet makes small-scale gasification a realistic option for everyday users. 

Whatever your desired use scenario, there’s likely someone already doing it with a GEK, and ready to help you do the same.   Click on a use category below to meet the people that are making it happen.

Developing World Electrification
Reliable and reasonably priced power is the foundation of economic development.  Whether creating the first power where the grid has yet to arrive, or providing regular backup where the grid is only a couple hour a day luxury; the regular availability of electricity is the multiplier that moves everyone up the economic ladder.

Research & Education
ALL Power Labs works with universities and government institutes around the world to advance the science of gasification, and educate the next generation of gasifier experts. We can can help teachers and students alike set up research projects and teach classes on a broad array of biomass thermal conversion topics.

Grid-tie & Paralleling
New for 2013. Finally, a reasonably priced solution to take advantage of feed-in tariffs for biomass based energy generation, or simply charging the ultimate batteries (aka: the grid). Our solution is component certified and compatible with nearly all global grid standards. Also enables off-grid parallel feeding with large gensets already at your facility.

Farming, Forestry, Ranching & Industry
GEKs and Power Pallets go to work in many commercial contexts. Jobs include making use of waste feed stocks on the farm (agricultural residue), wood working operations (saw mills, wood shop lathings, slash), zoos and animal husbandry (animal waste combined with bedding material), food processing (nuts, pelletized waste), energy consulting companies (demos, pilot plants, development), etc. etc.

Remote Homesteads & Eco Resorts
Many GEKs service self-reliant folks and communities with efficient electricity and heat production from local waste feed stocks. The automated PowerPallet provides off-grid electricity right out of the box. With some knowledge about electrical systems, those who already have a generator can get up and running by starting with the GEK TOTTI kits.

DIY Power & Play
From backyard tinkering to your own personal Mr. Fusion, the GEK gasifier will help you build it. GEK users have impressed us with everything from wood gas vehicle conversions, art school design projects, green house integrations, odd reactor modifications, and even fuel cell and gas-to-liquids experiments. Don’t try this at home!