Kwendin-ButtonAPL is expanding our project at BWI in Kakata, Liberia to the nearby village of Kwendin. Vincent Igboeli, our amazing Operations Manager from BWI, along with his Biomass Brothers are using the expertise they have developed in that last two years running the BWI Renewable Energy Center to oversee the development of another biomass-powered microgrid in Kwendin.

Like Kakata, Kwendin has no access to any grid power, and is located in the heart of the extensive Liberian rubber tree plantation. Kwendin is a village with a population of about 2000, and are in the process of building a comprehensive microgrid to supply street lighting and domestic and commercial power to the while village. 3 PP20 Power Pallets were installed in a powerhouse and residents of Kwendin are experiencing the transformative power of a, inexpensive and comprehensive electrical gird for the first time.

Ryan Duffy’s Now What series on the Huffington Post did an episode on energy poverty and this project. It is a beautiful and inspiring piece about just what is at stake in the work we are doing.

Huff Post Video

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