Biodico Biodico is a sustainable bio-refinery operator located in Santa Barbara, California. Committed to sustainability and R&D they have partnered with Redrock ranch in the center of California’s San Joaquin Valley. Redrock sits among the state’s extensive almond and nut orchards on the most productive agricultural land in the USA. Implementing and studying a wide range of alternative energy solutions, and with the assistance of California Energy Commission grants, Biodico has partnered with Redrock Ranch and APL to install a PP20 Power Pallet with an early prototype version of our combined heat and power (CHP) option.

This project was the result of effort to convert commercial byproducts, such as inedible seed meal from their biodiesel production, as well as other agricultural waste products to focus on energy-added uses of these byproducts rather than just disposal methods. ALL Power Labs actively supports Biodico’s efforts at Redrock Ranch toward sustainable agriculture and energy innovation. The video below was prepared as part of their reporting for their CEC grant. The variety of systems they are testing also has allowed them to operate their Power Pallet in a dual-fuel mode, using the methane from an anaerobic digester system as the secondary fuel for the Power Pallet genset in place of the biomass feedstock used in the GEK reactor.

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