Off Grid Power in Liberia 

Documentation and Manuals for Subcomponents

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PSI manual

PSI/GM Engine


Kubota Engine

meccalte eco

Generator PP10


Generator PP20


Woodward Governor


PP20 Genset

Engine Manuals:
10 kW Power Pallet (no longer in production): Kubota DG-972 Factory Manual.
20 kW Power Pallet: GM Vortec 3.0 liter Manual from PSI.

Generator Manuals:

All Mecc Alte generator manuals can be found on their website.

10 kW Power Pallet used either the Meccalte ECP3_2 (2 pole) or ECO3N_4 (4 pole).
20 kW Power Pallet uses the Meccalte NPE32 (4 pole).

Woodward Governor:
All Power Pallets use the L-Series: Manual.