Product Overview

ALL Power Labs offers biomass gasifiers and power generation systems at multiple levels of assembly and system integration.  From “We deliver it turnkey complete“ to”You build it from scratch,” you decide the relative amount of effort vs cost you want to invest towards your finished system. All Power Pallets and GEKs are covered by a 100% money back guarantee.  If you buy one and find yourself unimpressed with the total value of the product and project, we’ll refund all your money (minus shipping costs)– we’re that confident you’ll be happy with the specifics.  See here for more specifics on our warranty. We offer complete customer support and service, with a dedicated team available to answer your questions, trouble shoot your installation, even travel to your site for setup and training.  For demos and support in your area, see also our growing network of Authorized Representatives.

PP20 Power Pallet

Filter corner view of the PP20 Power Pallet, version 1.09, with the larger hopper.The Power Pallet is a complete biomass power generation solution that converts woody biomass into electricity.  It is a compact and fully automated system -from biomass in to electricity out- delivered at the breakthrough price point of $1.50 per watt equipment cost. Why it’s different The Power Pallet is distinguished by its ease of use, compact size and affordable price.  It is a solution that delivers the hands-off non-tended operation expected from contemporary power generation equipment. Prices: PP20 Power Pallet, GM engine – $29,995-$39,995, depending on feature set, add-ons, installation, etc. + $350 crating fee + shipping costs All Power Labs provides extensive customer support before and after a sale, online and in person, to help you get your project up and running. Price shown are list price, exclusive of installation, onsite operator training, customization, and additional feature sets. For more information, see the Power Pallet page. Or download the fact sheet here.

PC20 Power Cube

Now in limited release: a fully enclosed, regulation compliant version of the Power Pallet. Wide release is set for April, 2015.

The goal with the new machine is to offer a compact and fully automated biomass power and heat (CHP) solution, requiring minimized install space or onsite construction, and to do so at 1/2 the price point of comparable systems on the market. New features include:
  • 15W continuous prime power at 50hz, 400vac three phase.
  • Sound attenuated enclosure
  • Onboard grid tie
  • Automated airlock and fuel level sensing for continuous fuel feed (not pictured)
  • Catalyst exhaust system to meet premium emission standards  (<200 mg/m3 CO, <650 mg/m3 NOx; @ 5% O2)
  • CHP using both radiator and exhaust heat
  • CE Certified with related documentation
Pricing with the above features has not yet been finalized. Download the fact sheet here.


Gasifier Experimenters Kit (currently not available)

The Gasifier Experimenters Kit (GEK) makes it easy for beginners or experts alike to run high performance solutions in small scale gasification.  Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast, university researcher, or commercial developer; the GEK will get you over the starting hurdles of gasification, and on to the more rewarding work of making clean gas for power generation. Build it or Buy it You can “build-the-GEK-from-scratch” using our FREE open source CAD files.   Don’t want a fabrication project?  You can also buy the GEK fully fabricated and ready for final assembly and firing. *July 28, 2014:NOTE- NOT CURRENTLY FOR SALE*  We have temporarily suspended sales of the GEK, due to differences in design of the GEK versus the Version 5.0 Power Pallet, and our desire to only sell our best most advanced work. We will update this page if/when they are again available. For more information, see the Gasifier Kits page.

 Big Power in a Box: The Powertainer

ALL Power Labs has worked on developing a 100kW+ shipping container based gasification-genset system, aiming for a similar ease of transportation and onsite setup as the Power Pallet. * Please note: this product is not for sale at this time* The Powertainer prototype was developed as part of a US Dept of Energy project with the University of Minnesota, Morris, Cummins Power, and the Diesel Research Lab of U of Minnesota, Twin Cities.  The prototype granting period has ended, with project success on stated goals. We are now seeking additional funding to continue refinement of this project, and are interested in talking with parties that might be interested in pilot systems during our development process. For more information, see the Powertainer page.

Control Electronics and Test Equipment

ALL Power Labs has developed custom electronics for gasifier process control and research data logging.  This is the equipment we use in house to develop and test our gasification systems, as well as build up the automation systems for our Power Pallets. We also offer affordable gas analysis equipment and general instrument kits to support researchers and students. For more information, see Electronics & Test Equipment page.