Hi everyone,
It’s been another exciting, breakthrough week at All Power Labs and we wanted to make sure you’ve heard the latest:

1-APL unveils new, low cost “BEK” or Biochar Experimenter’s Kit” at International Biochar Conference in Boulder, CO.
Jim Mason and Jay Hasty are in Boulder, showing off the TOTTI architecture, and more importantly unveiling APL’s new, low cost design for a Biochar Experimenters Kit, aka  the BEK, naturally.

The BEK is completely compatible with the standard GEK cowling. It supports multiple pyrolysis modes in direct combustion, indirectly heated retorts, and hot gas recycle through bed architectures. Temperature, residence time, pyrolysis modes are fully controllable for characterized Biochar making.

The entire unit with everything shown below will be available to ship in October for $4395.  We’re now accepting orders ( several were placed at the show ), and a deposit of 50% will hold your place in the queue.

Here’s a draft image, much more soon on our site and forums. This image and all content on it protected by Creative Commons/Copy Left.


2- New video:  GEK Channel episode #5: Gasification Control Unit

YouTube - Gasification Control Unit * Episode #5 on the GEK Channel_1250098220939

Chemist-in-residence Jay Hasty and computer genius Geo Hormsy show off their state of the art electronic brain for the GEK

3-User Report: Frank Mannix of Fraser, CO.

Here’s the latest from Frank’s experiments with a  GEK Powered VW Thing–he went from hooking it up, to driving, in less than an hour!
mannix drive
“I drove about 20 miles on Sunday, down to town twice, and out some back roads, and I was red hot-it worked great. I was able to get up to 45 with pedal left, and even had idle when it was pumped up good. It is kind of like a flywheel, you get it pumped up and it will supply at low draw-idle and low speed (low vacuum) for a while. Having the electric fuel pump worked real well, allowing me to boost back to running when I needed (low gas supply etc.) I am working on a century ride
after I check plugs, etc for change.”

4- Tax Credit for GEK Purchase?

One odd note we thought is worth passing along–it seems possible that the use of a GEK on a vehicle, at least in Colorado, could be considered eligible for a 75% tax credit on the purchase price. If you’re more familiar with the incentives available for this sort of thing and want to pass them along, please do.

5- Finally, a FAQ

After spending one morning too many answering the same questions, we realized we could save everyone a lot of time by building out a Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQ, section of our website. If there’s a question you don’t see answered there, drop us an email and we’ll put it in the queue to answer just as soon as we can.


All Power Labs.

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