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Upcoming demos in Italy and Kenya

Upcoming Demos: You’re Invited to Join Us at APL Italia HQ in Terni, Italy or in Nairobi, Kenya

APL will be hosting two special demonstrations of our products around the world this month. In Terni, Italy, we’ll be offering (limited) availability of our new PP 25 EU to all European customers. And in Nairobi, Kenya, we’ll have the first exhibition of open skid v5 Power Pallet in East Africa, on the occasion of a microgrid conference. Details are below. We hope you will come and see us.

-Jim Mason

European Customers Demo: Terni, Italy, November 14th Over 70 Italian customers joined us a few weeks ago in Terni Italy for the debut of new PP25 EU Power Pallet. Now we’ve planned a special demo event for the rest of Europe on Friday, November 14th.

Sales of the PP 25 EU have previously been limited to Italian customers. Now we’re happy to announce limited availability of the PP25EU to our customers throughout the rest of Europe as well. (You can download the lastest fact sheet here, and see a comparison of the PP20 and PP25.)

Attendees will see a machine running with the continuous feed and grid [...]

Introducing the PP25 EU Power Pallet


Today we are pleased to announce a new product, designed for the European grid-tie market.

Introducing the PP25 EU Power Pallet.

Over the last year and a half, APL has been collaborating with partners in Italy to develop a fully enclosed, regulation compliant version of the Power Pallet. The new product is intended for general use across the EU, with our initial launch in Italy in October. The goal with the new machine is to offer a compact and highly automated biomass power and heat solution, requiring minimized install space or onsite construction, and to deploy it at half the price point of comparable systems on the market in Europe. This new European Combined Heat and Power (CHP) gasifier system lowers the cost from the current 4€/watt and above, to around 2€/watt. This makes the system broadly relevant and accessible across the continent. In conjunction with this product release, we’re proud to announce the opening of our new European headquarters in Terni, near Rome. This new facility will enable us to give personal demonstrations, and directly install and service our machines from a local site. Our first demonstrations will start Saturday, October 11. You are invited to join [...]

We're hiring, again! CFO and more

We’re hiring, again!

APL continues a major round of hiring to fill key management and operational positions in our Berkeley, California headquarters. This is a reflection of our significant growth, new overseas operations, and new products in the pipeline.

After filling a few Director positions ( see profiles to right ), we’re now focusing on filling another key role: Chief Financial Officer. There are also a few other open positions still available–see descriptions via the links below.

We invite you to be part of a transformative proposition. We are creating a new category of energy device–one that generates affordable, on demand, renewable energy from local byproducts, at the scale of the individual user. The Power Pallet represents a heretofore not seen combination of form factor and functionality that promises to have non-trivial impacts to the existing petroleum based energy economy.

Applicants should be excited about working in an ambitious and quickly growing company. We are a global company, working with a dynamic and collaborative culture, over a famously difficult problem (biomass

gasification). It is not boring.

Feel free to share the below job descriptions with your networks. Unique candidates will be noticed and engaged. Women in particular are encouraged [...]

Powerful. High Performance. And now: Patented!

Powerful. High Performance. And now: Patented!

Many of you have been following our progress for years, as we’ve worked to advance the development of gasification, and that makes us all the more thrilled to share with you some important news related our Power Pallet. Take a look at this photo of our CEO JIm Mason:

He’s holding US Patent 8764857 B2, issued earlier this summer. The US Patent Office, after an exhaustive review, issued this patent for our core design and operational relationships. This affirms that APL’s innovative design and component interaction truly is groundbreaking, which is remarkable if you consider the science of gasification is over 150 years old.

You may wonder if this means we’re getting away from our open-source, kit-based roots. Not at all. We still strongly support experimentation and innovation in this area, and continue to publish free plans for download on our website of some early designs. ( in fact you can see a recent post about a team that built a working unit directly from our plans here.) And we still maintain our vast online Wiki, host regular Open Houses and Workshops, where we share intimate details of our latest [...]

Lighting Liberia on Biomass-grand opening

Lighting Liberia -for $.08 a kilowatt hour

Development work is notoriously hard, especially in places struggling to recover from civil unrest. That’s why we’re so pleased to tell you about the latest chapter in our work in Liberia, in partnership with Winrock International and USAID.

As you may recall, about a year ago we started a project at the Booker Washington Institute in Kakata, Liberia, to turn eager students into renewable energy experts while providing cheap energy from waste biomass, on a campus thoroughly looted during the civil war.

Fast forward to last month, and the barren room in a leaking building where we began has been turned into a state of the art Renewable Energy Center. We’ve been told it’s the first of its kind in West Africa, not only teaching about various renewable technologies ( like biomass, biodiesel, and solar), but putting them to use-three Version 5.0 Power Pallets now power 1/3 of the campus, and the entire surrounding village where faculty and staff live.

After a lot of elbow grease, the center now looks like this, with three days supply of feedstock in bins on the left, raw feedstock to the right, [...]

New Videos, Summer Tour

New v5.0 Power Pallet Videos What it is, how it works

APL Support Engineer Austin Liu recently wrapped up two videos explaining the features and functions of the v5 Power Pallet.

Part one focuses on the various components:


while part two focuses on the processes:

Austin also made two very handy graphic images, which reflect the processes of gasfication, and where they are taking place in the Power Pallet.

You can find the one on the Elaborated Processes of Gasification here, and a Schematic Reflecting Process Location On the Power Pallet here.


Three become one: from our Facebook feed

Check out this image and story about synching up multiple Power Pallets, from our Facebook feed.

And note the gorgeous panoramic below–three v5.0, and a v4.7.


Keep Up With Us Online:

APL Summer Tour – On The Road Around The World

A reminder: APL is planning to be at some major international events in the months ahead. Check out the list below and plan to join us if you can; we’ll update you as we add more events.

June 3-5 PowerGen Europe, Cologne, Germany

We won’t have a booth, but [...]

Upcoming events and summer tour

Come see the v5 Power Pallet-either in person, or online Open House to be livecasted this week

APL is having our monthly Open House this week, and wants you to join us. Not in the area? No problem-we’ll also be livecasting the event online. For those nearby, here are the details:

And for those not in the Bay Area, you can still join us. Just login to https://allpowerlabs.adobeconnect.com/v5/ at 6pm local Pacific Time (GMT -7) . We’ll be doing a live walk through/around a running v5 Power Pallet, answering your questions and showing you what you want to see-just type in your questions, and tell us where to aim the camera.

The quote referenced above came from a feature story on APL in the technology magazine Fast Company, which you can read below.

APL Summer Tour Coming Up

APL is planning to be at some major international events in the months ahead. Check out the list below and plan to join us if you can. June 3-5 PowerGen Europe Cologne, Germany

To make an appointment with us at this event, contact Thierry Levy thierry@allpowerlabs.org

June 16-17, International Off-Grid [...]


“potentially, the most important and transformative energy product that no one has heard of.“

-FastCompany Magazine, discussing APL’s Power Pallet That’s the headline from a news article about APL that just landed on newstands around the world. APL has been busy for the last five years, so busy we haven’t been talking to the media much. Well, now it seems they’re coming to us.

Fast Company magazine, which chronicles the technology and culture of Silicon Valley and the new digital economy, just published a large story about APL–all about our work, how we got started, and where we’re going:


From the story: “an elegant solution: You take the waste of photosynthesis, which is abundant and free, and convert it to a form compatible with internal combustion engines, which are abundant and very cheap. When done cleanly, gasification’s only by-products are exhaust and a degraded charcoal that is easily sequestered back into the ground–where it happens to be a great fertilizer.”

For those who have been following us for a while, we think you’ll enjoy reading this and these other stories. And in next week’s APLnews, we’ll be sharing more, like making ice from coconuts in [...]

First v5.0 Gasifier Power Pallets go into service

First v5.0 Gasifier Power Pallets go into service Make electricity during national energy crisis in Liberia

The first two v5.0 GEK gasifier Power Pallets were installed last week in Liberia, as part of the larger Liberia Center for Biomass Energy project. It has two key components: provide training, to build capacity for a broader rollout of biomass energy in Liberia, and of course generate renewable energy on demand.

That second need was brought into sharp relief during the installation last week, as a nationwide diesel shortage began closing businesses, hospitals, and even shutting off the national radio broadcasting company.

The trip began with a USAID-organized workshop in the capital Monrovia on turning waste palm products ( like palm kernel shells ) into energy–over 70 small holder farmers, businesses, and aid workers attended.

We then shipped the Power Pallets to their final location for testing and installation. On the day we brought unit #2 online, the school was largely shut down–no diesel was available for their generators–so when the Power Pallet first started making energy and the entire building was lit up, there was a big cheer from the student operators.

Then they qucikly shifted gears; a raft [...]

[GEKnews] Three days left for v5 sale, live demos in Liberia and Philippines

Final days of v5 sale, new pricing starts February 1st

Just three days left! Now through the end of the month, the upgraded Version 5.0 GEK gasifier and Power Pallet is available at the old price of $26,995. This applies to any orders placed by month’s end.

Beginning February 1st, the new list price will be $29,995. Various discounts and incentives may be available depending on your country and use scenario, thus your final price may less. You will need to inquire to get your local pricing, specific features, and service details for your market.

This new list price reflects the much enhanced performance and operational value of the new v5, while also keeping the list price at $1.50 per watt. Moving to a list price model will allow some headroom for our Authorized Representatives to be able to offer more value to their local customers.

Also through the end of the month there are still incentives in place for multiple unit orders. They are:

1-2 units: 50% down, balance due before shipping. 3-9 units: 25% down, 10% discount. Includes free onsite time for assist with installation and training at your site. (You [...]