Streaming Live Online

STREAMING ONLINE ( In Berkeley) APL commissioning and long run test streaming online 16 hours a day, five days a week. Click here for the live feed

The big project for APL in 2015 is proving long run time operation, and establishing a formal track record of the Operation & Maintenance details encountered in the process. Towards this end, we have elaborated our long run testing program at Berkeley, and are setting in motion similar programs at several sites around the world. The goal is to push us quickly through the pilot projects of 12-24 hour daily run times, to certainty of this capability, and clear track record of doing so across a diversity of site conditions.

We plan to make this process as public as possible, so are starting with a live webcam on run operations at our Berkeley headquarters. This continues our popular live web stream from last December, but now upped to a permanent feature– 16 hours a day, 5 days a week.

At the link above you will see a real time view of our testing and new machine commissioning area. For now these two activities are co-located, so you will see tend […]

Dr. Dan Kammen, Global Energy Access Expert, Joins APL

All Power Labs is delighted to announce that Dr. Dan Kammen has agreed to join APL, as the founding member of our Board of Directors.

We are deeply honored by this engagement, as there are few who can match Dr. Kammen’s breadth of experience and expertise in the area of access to renewable energy. As Founding Director of the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory at the University of California, Berkeley, Dr. Kammen has been a world leader in research to improve energy access, and has traveled widely to see first hand the challenges and opportunities of delivering affordable, reliable, clean energy.

He has written extensively on the concrete steps we need to take to address climate change, and how to tailor solutions appropriate to the communities they serve. He also served as a contributing or coordinating lead author on various reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change since 1999, for which the IPCC shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.

So to have him join our team is both a significant addition to our resources, and a great affirmation of the strength of the path we are on with our technology. We look forward to working with him […]

This Berkeley startup and its energy machines are about to take off

This story on APL was just published in the influential tech blog GigaOM:

“..enthusiasm, momentum, and innovative thinking rarely seen in such an organically-emerging startup. And if their gasifiers are ever able to reach any substantial scale, they could have a profound effect on the emergence of off-grid power in the places that need it most.”

APL wins $2M grant, and patent, for PowerTainer

All Power Labs Wins $2 Million USD Grant for Powertainer Project

Very big news–on January 23rd, All Power Labs won a grant for $2M USD from the California Energy Commission (CEC) to complete commercialization and deployment of the Powertainer. This is a continuation of the work we began several years ago with the University of Minnesota and Cummins Power Engineering, to build a 100kW gasifier, engine, and hopper feed system fully enclosed within a 20′ shipping container. Information and pictures of that project are here.

The new funding will enable new design and reliability testing cycles to take the Powertainer beyond a prototype and make it a commercial power ready product for highly regulated markets like California. The CEC grant is focussed on uses for the Powertainer in forestry management and grid balancing via dispatchable generators. However we all know this platform has relevance globally, across many use situations, so we look forward to it being a generally available product from APL in 2016.

The California Energy Commission is recognized world wide for their leadership in identifying and enabling new energy technologies. A grant from the CEC is somewhat of a rite of […]

New Features!

New Upgrades on all PP20 Power Pallets

In 2014, we’ve made more than a dozen upgrades, improvements, and enhancements to the Power Pallet, but haven’t yet shared them with you. Here’s some of the highlights:

Ceramic hearth. Last spring we transitioned to a full ceramic hearth for better high temperature tolerance and general longevity. We are using a cast mullite ceramic, with a slag repelling, highly reflective surface coating. The ceramic hearth is captured from the outside via a 310 stainless metal alloy jacket, and superwool insulation to keep the heat in. The result is durable, long lived, and resistant to melting with even the hottest burning fuels. Improved Ash Out Auger and Scroll Wheel. We’ve tightened up the tolerances on our ash out removal system, and strengthened the auger and added a robust geared drive system. We’ve also added current sensing to automatically reverse and clear blockages, even when rocks and other unpleasantries find their way into the fuel. The result is more consistent and fault tolerant removal of ash from the reactor, in support of long run times.

Improved Fuel Switch. Our fuel switch has to operate at the top of the pyrolysis bed and […]

24 hours of LIVE power online + 10% off sale

24 hours of LIVE power online, this week and next

Plus – 10% Off Sale for the next two weeks only

24 hours of LIVE power online We’ve made great progress on the performance, reliability and usability of the Power Pallet during 2014. However, we’ve been rather remiss in relaying the technical specifics of this new engineering work in recent APLnews posts. Now at the end of the year we want to offer a series of written reports and online demos to reveal what we’ve been up to under the hood.

This Thursday, December 4th, as well as next Thursday, December 11, we’ll be hosting a live, global, 24-hour web cast and demonstration of running Power Pallets from APL’s headquarters in Berkeley, California. The camera on the running machine will go around the clock. During each session, we’ll have dedicated call in times for live question and answer with APL engineers and sales staff. For those of you who have not been able to get to a physical demo site, we hope this is a useful second best option to see the machine running first hand.

The first show starts at noon Pacific time, which is 8PM GMT, on […]

Upcoming demos in Italy and Kenya

Upcoming Demos: You’re Invited to Join Us at APL Italia HQ in Terni, Italy or in Nairobi, Kenya

APL will be hosting two special demonstrations of our products around the world this month. In Terni, Italy, we’ll be offering (limited) availability of our new PP 25 EU to all European customers. And in Nairobi, Kenya, we’ll have the first exhibition of open skid v5 Power Pallet in East Africa, on the occasion of a microgrid conference. Details are below. We hope you will come and see us.

-Jim Mason

European Customers Demo: Terni, Italy, November 14th Over 70 Italian customers joined us a few weeks ago in Terni Italy for the debut of new PP25 EU Power Pallet. Now we’ve planned a special demo event for the rest of Europe on Friday, November 14th. [Note-since this post originally appeared, APL Itaila is now hosting demo events every Friday].

Sales of the PP 25 EU have previously been limited to Italian customers. Now we’re happy to announce limited availability of the PP25EU to our customers throughout the rest of Europe as well. (You can download the lastest fact sheet here, and see a comparison of the PP20 and […]

Power Cube with CHP


Today we are pleased to announce a new product: the PC20 Power Cube Over the last year and a half, APL has been collaborating with partners in Italy to develop a fully enclosed, regulation compliant version of the Power Pallet. The goal with the new machine is to offer a compact and highly automated biomass power and heat solution, requiring minimized install space or onsite construction, and to deploy it at half the price point of comparable systems on the market in Europe. This new Combined Heat and Power (CHP) gasifier system lowers the cost from the current 4€/watt and above, to around 2€/watt. This makes the system broadly relevant and accessible across the continent.In conjunction with this product release, we’re proud to announce the opening of our new European headquarters in Terni, near Rome. This new facility will enable us to give personal demonstrations, and directly install and service our machines from a local site. Our first demonstrations will start Saturday, October 11. You are invited to join us.The new PP25 EU Power Pallet adds the following features and functions to the standard open skid Power Pallet: 25 kW continuous prime power at 50 Hz, 400 VAC […]

We're hiring, again! CFO and more

We’re hiring, again!

APL continues a major round of hiring to fill key management and operational positions in our Berkeley, California headquarters. This is a reflection of our significant growth, new overseas operations, and new products in the pipeline.

After filling a few Director positions ( see profiles to right ), we’re now focusing on filling another key role: Chief Financial Officer. There are also a few other open positions still available–see descriptions via the links below.

We invite you to be part of a transformative proposition. We are creating a new category of energy device–one that generates affordable, on demand, renewable energy from local byproducts, at the scale of the individual user. The Power Pallet represents a heretofore not seen combination of form factor and functionality that promises to have non-trivial impacts to the existing petroleum based energy economy.

Applicants should be excited about working in an ambitious and quickly growing company. We are a global company, working with a dynamic and collaborative culture, over a famously difficult problem (biomass

gasification). It is not boring.

Feel free to share the below job descriptions with your networks. Unique candidates will be noticed and engaged. Women in particular are encouraged […]

Powerful. High Performance. And now: Patented!

Powerful. High Performance. And now: Patented!

Many of you have been following our progress for years, as we’ve worked to advance the development of gasification, and that makes us all the more thrilled to share with you some important news related our Power Pallet. Take a look at this photo of our CEO JIm Mason:

He’s holding US Patent 8764857 B2, issued earlier this summer. The US Patent Office, after an exhaustive review, issued this patent for our core design and operational relationships. This affirms that APL’s innovative design and component interaction truly is groundbreaking, which is remarkable if you consider the science of gasification is over 150 years old.

You may wonder if this means we’re getting away from our open-source, kit-based roots. Not at all. We still strongly support experimentation and innovation in this area, and continue to publish free plans for download on our website of some early designs. ( in fact you can see a recent post about a team that built a working unit directly from our plans here.) And we still maintain our vast online Wiki, host regular Open Houses and Workshops, where we share intimate details of our latest […]