Off Grid Power in Liberia 

We won!

We’re honored to announce that All Power Labs is part of the winning team for the Water Abundance XPRIZE 2018. APL was the technical lead for the Skysource/Skywater Alliance team, and brought gasifier based power generation, plus a unique use of water vapor from biomass, to the larger problem of making atmospheric water generation machines truly usable in the world.

The $1.5M award was announced at the XPRIZE Visioneering 2018 event in Los Angeles, October, 20, 2018, bringing to a conclusion a 2 year long competition involving 98 contending teams from 27 countries. The prize was launched in 2016 […]

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Local Carbon Network: Terni, Umbria- Italy launch

Kickstarter Crowdfund in process.  Join us for a 10 day learning holiday on a rural Italian farm,with Power Pallet, biochar, and composting (and all the other Italian provincial pleasures). 

This is the Valle Santa / Reiti Valley, where the APL New Farms Labs is located. We’ve been running machinery at this site for about four years now, and using it as the headquarters for APL efforts in Italy and the EU. With our transition to the Local Carbon Network model of deployment, we’re now recasting this site as our second major full circle “waste-to-valve, sky-to-soil” operating hub.Those following our […]

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APL monthly Open House continues this Friday

We’ve restarted our monthly Open House events at All Power Labs.  Now that we’ve launched the new PP30 Cogen-CS, and the Local Carbon Network is up and running, we have new reasons to gather the interested at our facility in Berkeley CA.  This month we’re having the event this Friday, Sept 14th, from 5-7pm

The Open House events are free.  The food and drink are free.  All you have to do is RSVP here.  And bring your friends.

PP30 Cogen-CS Demonstration

The Open House is an opportunity to see APL machines in operation and discuss […]

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APL Monthly Open House

We’re restarting our monthly Open House events at All Power Labs.  Now that we have the new PP30 Cogen-CS launched, and Local Carbon Network up and running, we have new reasons to gather the interested at our facility in Berkeley CA.  This month we’re having the event this week Friday, August 17th, from 7-9pm.  Future events will continue on the 2nd Friday of each month.  (yes, this one is on the third Friday).

The events are free.  The food and drink are free.  The carbon negative electricity to charge your EV is free.  The information is free.  All […]

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PP30 Launch event at APL this Friday!

June 29th, 5-7PM, Berkeley California

We look forward to seeing many of you at our new product Launch Party later this week.  We have 60 people RSVPed so far, which is approaching the attendenance levels for our full workshop weekends of years ago– which is great.  We also have some surprisingly dedicated international travellers coming for the event.  We’re of course very happy to see this much interest in our new product.  We have space for ~100 people, so if you want to be there, please do RSVP to the event page soon.The event will be a formal presentation by APL Founder/CEO Jim Mason on […]

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The New PP30 Cogen-CS

Combined Heat and Power with built-in Carbon Sequestration (CHP-CS)

All Power Labs invites you to join us for a special Launch Party on Friday, June 29th in Berkeley, CA where we will debut the new Gen 2 Power Pallet.  The event will be a formal presentation by APL Founder/CEO Jim Mason on the new concepts and features of the PP30 Cogen-CS, as well as run demonstrations with several machines on site. As many of you have noticed, APL has been rather quiet for the last two years in terms of new announcements and deployments.  The pause has been […]

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Discount Specials for Last Day of Campaign

For the last 12 hours of the Local Carbon Network crowdfund campaign, we’re offering a limited set of highly discounted biochar bags; in both single kg servings, as well as 3 month membership delivery form.  The 1kg bags for the next 25 sponsors are reduced from $25 to $15.  And the 3 month membership deliveries are reduced from $75 to $45, with only 10 slots available.

More info on these specials is in the Indiegogo campaign here:

The total campaign is currently at $41,000, with some larger sponsorships in process today as we approach the finish […]

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Local Carbon Network: Campaign progress

Thank you to all who have participated in the Indiegogo campaign to set the Local Carbon Network project in motion. So far we’ve raised about $25,000 in Local Carbon sponsorships, which is about 20% of the way to our goal. This is a great start, and we were pleased so many of your wrote notes back to us to affirm this new model for enabling local carbon drawdown. Now we need to get the campaign to the goal of $150,000 to fully set the Bay Area Carbon Cluster in motion. We have about a week […]

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Carbon Management Through Green Waste Management

Partners Wanted For Waste To Energy Project Trials

You likely already know that APL’s technology provides significant value in the areas of waste management and renewable energy, while also making substantial contributions in the fight against climate change. Turning green waste into energy is a win-win-win solution. As pointed out in an article this week in The Guardian, “Agricultural waste, which would otherwise be a major source of greenhouse gas emissions if burnt, could instead be turned into a biochar – a process that produces more energy than it consumes – and the biochar could then be […]

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Got green waste? Let’s turn it into something useful.

Plus: New grants, projects, and the new master plan for reversing climate change.

Need power in California? Got green waste? Contact us APL is now expanding into project development in California––operating its own equipment for on-site power and heat generation, focusing initially on sites that can net meter with the utility grid and have green waste onsite they’re paying to dispose of.

As we’ve mentioned previously, California is in the midst of a solid waste crisis, driven by the twin drivers of closing biomass plants and a forest health crisis […]

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