Off Grid Power in Liberia 

APL Wins Another SBIR Grant

The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded All Power Labs (APL) a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant for their renewable energy submission in the amount of $200K to develop Distributed Energy Resources (DER).

The SBIR program, also known as “America’s Seed Fund,” grants are distributed annually by the U.S. Department of Energy in various topic areas for small businesses. APL was previously an awardee of a National Science Foundation SBIR grant in 2016, which was used for the development of their Power Pallet systems.

During Phase I of this […]

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Holiday Pyrolysis Party and Open House

All Power LabsLocal Carbon Network

Friday, December 13th, 5-7 pmFREE!  But please RSVP here.

Chestnuts will likely roast, and walnut shells will certainly thermally convert into Electricity, Heat and Biochar, at this year’s All Power Labs and Local Carbon Network holiday party. In year’s past, we’ve celebrated the end of another year deconstructing fire into its constituent components with CHP hot tubs, GEK kit welding marathons, and gasifier powered pyrotechnics.  This year we’re “simply” demoing our master synthesis between a multi-gen biochar making machine and the entry of its biochar into a climate […]

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The 40-30-20 sales event

40 pre-orders available for the Power Pallet PP30, to enable lower-cost supply chain in 2020.

A year ago, All Power Labs released the Power Pallet PP30 Cogen as our completely new generation of the Power Pallet.  This successor to the PP20 incorporates all we’ve learned in the last decade to make biomass gasifiers ready for daily use in the world, and carbon-negative power and products ready to scale for our climate management needs.  Critical design changes focused on increasing power-generation capacity (both electricity and heat), reducing O&M costs across the board, and generally increasing reliability for high […]

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A Perspective on Terra Preta and Biochar

The Modern Discovery of Terra Preta, and a Brief Modern History of Biochar

In the Amazon Basin, there exists thousands of hectares of cultivated plots consisting of unusually fertile black soil, termed Terra Preta de Indio — “dark earth of the Indians” — called Terra Preta for short. These soils are many hundreds if not thousands of years old, and have remained remarkably fertile in spite of the tropical rainfall, which accelerates the weathering of soil and the leaching of water soluble nutrients. Modern scientific interest in this material began with a Dutch scientist named Wim Sombroek, whose book Amazon Soils, […]

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Biochar and Bioenergy 2019, Fort Collins CO

APL team member Austin Liu at our Biochar & Bioenergy 2019 booth

All Power Labs recently attended the Biochar & Bioenergy 2019 conference held in Fort Collins, Colorado from July 1–3. Our CEO, Jim Mason, as well as biochar experts Austin Liu and Aidin Massoumi were on hand, to promote our distributed-scale biomass gasifiers, share our work with SkyCarbon Biochar and the continue reading…

Biochar Usage in Dairy Manure Composting

Co-composting dairy manure with SkyCarbon biochar

In the Local Carbon Network, we convert available green waste into value-added ‘climate products’ such as electricity, heat, water and biochar through a carbon negative process that combats climate change on multiple fronts.

The Local Carbon Network uses biomass gasifiers from All Power Labs in Berkeley, California, to produce SkyCarbon Biochar, a clean, porous, high-temperature char certified by the International Biochar Institute and officially listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI). When used as a soil amendment, SkyCarbon Biochar can offer a range of powerful agronomic benefits to plant productivity, soil […]

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Leave a Positive Trace Permaculture Action Day with Burning Man

Photo credit: Brooke Porter Photography

On Saturday, June 22, the Local Carbon Network joined Burners without Borders, the Permaculture Action Network, and nearly 400 participants for an all-day event at Hoover Elementary School in Oakland, CA, featuring live music, arts, food and hands-on projects to improve the school’s garden and outdoor classroom. The activity was part of the ‘Leave a Positive Trace’ action weekend organized by Permaculture Action Network in partnership with the community associated with the annual Burning Man arts and music festival.

Hoover Elementary is located in a West Oakland neighborhood considered a ‘food […]

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Summer Solstice Char-B-Que Open House at Gill Tract

On Friday, June 21, All Power Labs and the Local Carbon Network hosted an open house at UC Gill Tract Community Farm, our regenerative farming partner in Albany, CA. More than 60 attendees were given tours of the two-acre organic farm and medicinal herb garden, and were shown the remarkable changes to soil and plant health that Gill Tract has observed since it started co-composting with SkyCarbon Biochar more than a year ago.

To further celebrate the Northern Hemisphere’s longest day, we unveiled the ‘Char-B-Que’, a wood-fired Kon-Tiki kiln and grill that […]

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IBI Newsletter: June 2019

The International Biochar Initiative (IBI) is a great source for information on research and the development of biochar businesses and industry. We will be linking to their newsletters here in our News Blog posts going forward. They recently did testing and certified our Local Carbon Network SkyCarbon biochar, the results of this analysis are shown here. This, along with OMRI certification now allows SkyCarbon to be used in certified organic farming.

Click this link to access IBI Newsletter: June 2019 […]

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Co-composting with Biochar for Agronomic & Climate Benefit

Friday, March 8th, 5-7pmFREE!  But please RSVP here

Our monthly Open House events continue this Friday with a talk and demonstration of the agronomic and climate benefits of co-composting with biochar. We’re convinced we’ve stumbled across a highly significant optimization for biochar usage and deployment with this co-composting scenario. The solution is uniquely high performance in soil, easy to do, leverages the already existing infrastructure of compost operations globally (personal, commercial, and municipal), and achieves carbon impacts far beyond the raw biochar entered into the system. We’ve spun off the continue reading…