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Ellora Larson
Manufacturing Engineer

Ellora Larson headshot

With over two decades of diverse engineering experience, I have developed a comprehensive skill set and a strong track record of success. Currently, as a Manufacturing Engineer at ALL Power Labs in Berkeley, California, I am deeply involved in supporting the manufacturing and supply chain for gasifier products. My role encompasses a range of responsibilities, including understanding gasification, engine and genhead components, and supporting new product development through design and documentation. Prior to this, during my 15-year tenure as a Project Engineer at The Montague Company, I contributed significantly to product design and development of induction and convection oven models. In my earlier roles as an Electrical Engineer at AMOT and a Technical Support Manager at T.A. Engineering, I honed my skills in project management, product release, and technical support. With a foundation in Instrument and Controls Technician roles, I have consistently demonstrated my ability to adapt to new challenges and contribute to the success of various engineering projects throughout my career.

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