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Jonathan Schipper
Director of Product Development

headshot of Jonathan Schipper

Jonathan Schipper has been engineering objects for 25 years, ranging from large kinetic sculptures to exquisitely crafted hand-held electronic devices. Jonathan founded EXOvault, which designed and manufactured exquisitely designed and engineered artistic products, delivering them to hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide. His artwork Slow Motion Car Crash, which simulated a head-on collision of two full-sized cars moving at the rate of 1mm an hour, has been exhibited worldwide, including the Tinguely Museum in Basel and Wolfsburg Museum in Germany. Jonathan has worked as a freelance engineer for companies designing animatronics and engineered sculptures for companies like Jim Henson and artists like Z Behl. Jonathan is currently working as the Director of Product Development at APL, bringing his product design and engineering knowledge to the green energy industry.

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