Off Grid Power in Liberia 

Maker Faire 2009

hopper_auger_reactor The ALL Power Labs crew is decompressing from talking enthusiastically for two days straight about small-scale-DIY-open-source-energy.  We took our GEK v3.o with new Auger and GCU to Maker Faire 2009.  For added flaire we made a special Art Deco Hopper for the new auger, check it out.

With all of the added improvements GEK v3.0 made incredibly clean gas all weekend long.  In an average day at ALL Power Labs we spend a lot of time playing and tinkering with Biomass gasification and the one thing missing from this weekend was the liqiud smoke smell.  The gas was so clean we had little to no “black goo”.  The clean gas did not do much to support the “cult of the black goo”.  With such clean gas coming out of the v3.0 the cult of the black goo might now be a misnomer, maybe it should be…cult of biomass…or cult of syngas…or cult of low tar….none of these quite have the same ring.  But maybe I am looking at it the wrong way, cults often praise something that is invisible or unknowable, maybe that is what we are looking at here with v3.0 the black goo will soon just be a figment of our imaginations.

Along with the clean gas we also tested the new Auger which worked flawlessly all weekend and the GCU gave us noteworthy data that we are trolling through as I write this.  Look for an update on the Maker Faire GCU run our wiki in the next week.

If you saw us at Maker Faire it was great to meet you.

Jess and The ALL Power Labs Team
gek [at] allpowerlabs [dot] org