The Masarang Foundation Integrated a PP10 Power Pallet into their sustainable Village Hub system for palm sugar harvesting on the Island of Suliwesi in Indonesia.

This pilot project is located next to a palm sugar factory which uses waste geothermal heat from a 35 MW geothermal plant to dry and prepare palm sugar. This sugar is prepared from the sap of the Arenga Palm which can be processed into sugar and ethanol. The Arenga palm can grow on poor soils, allowing deforested areas to be reforested, acting as a nurse tree to re-introduce more diverse species. The Village Hub concept is to create smaller scale plants that can operate with zero external inputs and zero waste. These would collect sap from a collection of local farmers allowing economic opportunities to stay and protect reforested areas.

The Hub would provide extra electricity to the villages and a medical office with internet access for doctors. The Power Pallet would provide electricity for plant operations and other uses. We provided training to the workers at the facility, who were quite excited to be involved and learn about gasification and the equipment. We applaud their ambitious and integrated approach to economic development. Check out their amazing project in this short video.

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