Off Grid Power in Liberia 

$5,000 price reduction on APL Power Pallets

Today we are happy to announce a $5,000 reduction in the standard price of the APL Power Pallet. Whereas previously the PP20 cost $29,995, starting today it is reduced $24,995. […]

Run data from Liberia. CHP hot tub in Berkeley

Liberia power generation report for March, 2015 […]

Return of the GEK

GEK Gasifier, available again after two year hiatus


Streaming Live Online

STREAMING ONLINE ( In Berkeley) APL commissioning and long run test streaming online 16 hours a day, five days a week. Click here for the live feed


Dr. Dan Kammen, Global Energy Access Expert, Joins APL

All Power Labs is delighted to announce that Dr. Dan Kammen has agreed to join APL, as the founding member of our Board of Directors.


This Berkeley startup and its energy machines are about to take off

This story on APL was just published in the influential tech blog GigaOM:

APL wins $2M grant, and patent, for PowerTainer

All Power Labs Wins $2 Million USD Grant for Powertainer Project

Very big news–on January 23rd, All Power Labs won a grant for $2M USD from the California Energy Commission (CEC) to complete commercialization and deployment of the Powertainer.


New Features!

New Upgrades on all PP20 Power Pallets

In 2014, we’ve made more than a dozen upgrades, improvements, and enhancements to the Power Pallet, but haven’t yet shared them with you. Here’s some of the highlights:


24 hours of LIVE power online + 10% off sale

24 hours of LIVE power online, this week and next Plus – 10% Off Sale for the next two weeks only 24 hours of LIVE power online


Upcoming demos in Italy and Kenya

Upcoming Demos: You’re Invited to Join Us at APL Italia HQ in Terni, Italy or in Nairobi, Kenya

APL will be hosting two special demonstrations of our products around the world this month. In Terni, Italy, we’ll be offering (limited) availability of our new PP 25 EU to all European customers. And in Nairobi, Kenya, we’ll have the first exhibition of open skid v5 Power Pallet in East Africa, on the occasion of a microgrid conference. Details are below. We hope you will come and see us.