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GEK goes to University

The GEK went to university….University of Minnesota at Morris to be exact. UMM was awarded a grant of $174,258 by the Renewable Energy Marketplace – Alliance for Talent Development (MNREM) initiative to develop new curriculum in biomass gasification technology.  Jim Barbour at the university partnered with ALL Power Labs to use the GEK as the platform for learning in this three-week intensive course. The Class, Renewable Energy with Biomass Gasification, taught principles of biomass gasification with a focus on chemical, biological and economic considerations of biomass energy production. All students benefited through a curriculum of  hands-on training in chemistry and biomass with classroom and lab activities.

APL’s Jim Mason went out as a guest lecturer for the last few days of class.  The class had an amazing lab set up.  Great data was gathered and more people were indoctrinated into the cult of the black goo.  Look at their set-up.

Gasification – It’s a gas!


Jess and your GEK making crew


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